Monday, 18 April 2011


Continuous aerial spraying of endosulfan in the cashew plantations of 11 panchayats in kasargod district for three decades since 1980 has so far caused the death of about 600 people and serious disorders like cancer, reproductive problems, early maturing of females and non-maturing of males in about 10000 people.

Responsible agencies of our country have conducted more than 13 studies so far. All studies found that endosulfan is harmful to the environment and human health. But the central govt of India is still studying. This is an injustice by a govt to its citizens. This brutality is a serious crime against the people by the state.

central agricultural ministry says that they are not in favour of ban on endosulfan. They says that a complete ban on endosulfan is not possible. More than 63 countries have banned this. But unfortunately India is encouraging the use of endosulfan. This shows that central govt is protecting the interests of pesticide lobbies in India.